Atiy Foundation in the Netherlands

We think we have an important Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards our social and physical environment and therefore act accordingly.

Cornelissen & Snijders Advocaten supports the Atiy Foundation in the Netherlands ( which provides food and education for the children. This year Cornelissen & Snijders Lawyers decided to take care of the 5 children that are shown in the slideshow.

The father of the children passed away at the beginning of March 2011 due to skin cancer. The mother had already passed away before that. The family now consists of five children: Jovana Gutierrez (9), Milton Gutierrez (11), William Gutierrez (16), Daniela Gutierrez (19), Julia Gutierrez (20) and they live in San Antonio the Buena Vista in Bolivia. Although the older children work after school, they barely make enough money to survive.

The support we provide through the Atiy Foundation provides the children with clean water and food, transport to school and university, gas, electricity and some additional expenses.