Labour law

Within labour law there are a wide variety of topics that are relevant to companies and their employees. For example:

  • Agreements (plan and review)
  • Labour disputes (resolution by district court judge of dismissal requests CWI)
  • Calculation of termination payment
  • Immediate dismissal
  • Reorganisations & dismissal
  • Acquisitions and dismissal
  • Functional changes
  • Wage Claims
  • CAO claims
  • Pensions
  • Competition Clauses
  • Employers Liability

The question then arises how these issues should be handled. Legislation and case law on this subject change frequently and support and advice is often necessary.
Cornelissen & Snijders advocaten stand ready to assist with specialized knowledge and we always try to provide pro-active and practical advice. We provide advice to  employers on the various aspects of the law concerning working conditions, CAO's, pensions, benefits, organisational restructuring as well as labour restructuring.  We also provide support to employers and employees to help solve labour disputes.

But, most importantly of course, we support you with personal attention and empathy for your interests.