Tax law

Tax law consists of many different substantive and procedural laws and provisions which apply to individuals and businesses. The tax ranges from a relatively simple tax return to tax and legal proceedings before the Supreme Court.
In addition, more and more taxpayers are faced in recent years with the tax penalty and criminal law.
To prevent disputes afterwards it is advisable in many cases to timely advice and to align with the IRS.
 Subject that often arise are:

  • Advice and guidance in starting business and legal choice
  • Advice and guidance when buying or selling company
  • Advice and guidance in reorganization or business succession
  • Appeals to the IRS against penalties and / or fines
  • Appeals before the competent court
  • Assistance with due diligence or investigation by FIOD
  • Assistance with repentance in undeclared income or (foreign) capital
  • Formal tax law, concerning your duties and your rights

To represent your tax and legal interests as well as possible a good preparation and a careful approach is very important .
 Cornelissen & Snijders lawyers will be happy with specialized knowledge aside.